Developing software

From feeding your ideas through to going live Inmarsat will support you through all the stages of your development.

Feeding your ideas

Our developer community has built some of the most innovative satellite connected solutions, take inspiration from our “Developer Stories” or come along to one of our developer events to see for yourself.

Business Models

Inmarsat enables a range of business models for your solution as well as offering access to markets in Maritime, Aviation, Enterprise and Government.

Supplementary Bandwidth on Global Xpress enables you to bundle your solution with its own band width, rather than having to use your customer’s whilst the Content Delivery API enables you to deliver your content as efficiently as possible and use existing hardware at your customer’s site to store and distribute your content.

As part of the Global Xpress network developers can use the Payment API to take one time payments as well as subscription payments from customers connected to the Global Xpress network.

Inmarsat Tools and Integration with our APIs

Our Global Xpress APIs use Restful web interfaces to make integration simple and where possible we offer simulated APIs within a sandbox environment.

Find out more about our APIs

Going Live

Inmarsat will support you in taking your solution into a live production environment. Before going live you will need to sign an agreement with one of our commercial teams as well as have your solution tested by Inmarsat. If you are currently developing a solution, get in touch with us and we can talk about it further.