Hardware - BGAN

BGAN Radio Module for Use in BGAN Terminals

The BRM will provide all the BGAN IP data, Simple Messaging Service (SMS) and voice transport functionality to allow simple and rapid integration of the module by Inmarsat's VAM Partners into a wide range of BGAN terminal designs. The BRM includes low power Radio Frequency (RF), physical layer data processing, GNSS receiver, and high level application interfaces.

The BRM will support the use of BGAN, Fleetbroadband, BGAN M2M and IsatHub SIM cards when used with a wide range of Front End Module (FEM) (High Power Amplifier (HPA); Low Noise Amplifier (LNA); diplexer; antenna) configurations making it suitable for a wide range of operating environments, especially mobile operation.

A secure RESTful command interface, with embedded customisable web server interface is the primary command interface to the module. It is accessible locally via Ethernet and is for configuration; network access; administration; firmware upgrade; debug/monitoring of the BRM.

An Ethernet interface supporting Network Address Translation (NAT) and Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) protocols will allow the BRM to be used in a wide range of network configurations, including for enterprise use.

The BRM will enable VAMs to fast-track and reduce costs for development of BGAN User Terminals (any Class); streamlines the Type Approval process; uses a single, standardised integrated chipset (RFIC); and will be able to be integrated into a variety of M2M; Land; Maritime - and, in the future, Aero - solutions.

Manufacturers will be required to follow Inmarsat’s Type Approval Process which validates compliance with international rules relating to RF interference and BGAN services. Due to the fact that the BRM will be partially approved the process is expected to be lighter than a full development and will become faster and more cost-efficient as FEM/Antenna components are re-used.

Hardware Enabler

Inmarsat is developing the BRM as a hardware enabler to allow Inmarsat Value Added Manufacturer (VAM) Partners to perform integrations with existing BGAN Terminals.

The BRM is a radio module board that houses a full-duplex BGAN modem. It can be used with a variety of Front End Module (FEM) configurations and has a secure RESTful command interface and an Ethernet interface.


Inmarsat has partnered with Value Added Manufacturers in the development of terminals and solutions for our services. A range of terminals and manufacturers can be found at: