IsatData Pro (IDP)

About IsatData Pro

IsatData Pro (IDP) is a global L-band satellite network service optimized for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IsatData Pro is intended for event-driven data collection and remote control, but also enables applications such as forms and text messaging through Human-Machine Interfaces. Typical applications include tracking, fleet management, security, remote monitoring, telematics and SCADA.

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Terminals are typically equipped with omnidirectional antennas allowing for easy installation and use in both stationary and mobile situations. On-board processing capacity and scripting capabilities will allow for remote processing of the collected data into summary reports or alert notifications based on local events, e.g. temperature threshold exceeded. General purpose IO ports may be available to directly connect the terminals to analogue and digital sensors and actuators.

Services Supported

IsatData Pro offers two-way, fully acknowledged messaging communications operating at a low data rate. Most applications make use of event-driven data with near-real time alert delivery, but the system can also scale to support larger messages with a modest throughput of approximately 150 bits per second. The system uses minimal overhead and includes acknowledgments, so customers pay only for delivered payload data.