Overview - Global Xpress

About Global Xpress

Global Xpress (GX) is Inmarsat’s revolutionary mobile high-speed global Ka-band service, offering downlink speeds of up to 50 Mbps and up to 5 Mbps upload. It comprises a geo-global network of satellites that form part of a hybrid Ka-band/L-band satellite and ground network offering managed and lease services to Inmarsat's customers.

GX is designed to deliver seamless, cost-effective, secure, and high-bandwidth IP-based satellite communications solutions to customers in Land-based, Maritime, and Aero markets, using Type-Approved fixed and mobile terminals, enabling users to set up their terminals with the same configuration and access to the same applications globally.

GX Coverage

GX Network


iDirect Velocity Core Module - This is integrated into GX Terminals, and the Velocity system provides high speed packet data services over the GX network to a variety of terminal apertures. Terminals are type-approved by Inmarsat.

Services Supported

Global Xpress provides a set of APIs for developers offering interfaces to the network as well as service management and administrative functions for Value Added Resellers.


  • Please refer to the Hardware section for more information on the hardware enablers for GX
  • Please refer to the APIs for a full list of APIs available to developers for Global Xpress