• Date: Feb 2016
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AnsuR is a Norway based company developing solutions for mission-critical visual situational awareness. AnsuR is dedicated to innovation of software solutions for mission-critical audio-visual communication with networking over bandwidth-limited satellite and radio networks.

AnsuR has specialised in products for interactive and adaptive photo and video communications, using minimum bandwidth, so operationally relevant information is communicated quickly, reliably and accurately.

AnsuR is an Inmarsat Certified Application Provider (CAP) and their main product is the RAIDO system.

The application

Government Operations, Military, Border Control and Emergency Services rely heavily on situational awareness and mission critical data gathering for surveillance and similar purposes - especially using “small discreet and mobile platforms”. Although data rich applications using “small discreet platforms” are now widely used in high speed network coverage areas – L-Band still suffers from bandwidth constraints and cost issues. The AnsuR RAIDO system is specifically developed to address fundamental cost, delay and limited bandwidth constraints for visual data over limited bandwidth satellite links in an intelligent and dynamic way.

RAIDO systems consists of several products, modules and solutions where the main units are ASIGN, AMSIRA and AIR. RAIDO offers decision-makers improved situational awareness, through optimized communication of visual content with operational relevance, adaptive streaming, and smart field access network management, geo-tagging and mapping.

Inmarsat has worked closely with AnsuR and developed a UAV-based surveillance solution that showcases how the Inmarsat L-Band network can efficiently use data rich applications for tactical and mission-critical data gathering and surveillance purposes - over a limited bandwidth SATCOM link. The solution uses RAIDO software and we have used two use case scenario to highlight the system capabilities:

The resulting benefit

The AnsuR RAIDO product enables the user to “transmit what’s useful, not what’s observed” i.e., to transmit only relevant sections of the image and video hence saving cost and reducing delays over limited bandwidth for visual data over satellite links in an intelligent and dynamic way.

Scenarios and application areas

The solution can be used for a variety of different purposes and applications such as:

  • Disaster and emergency management
  • Security and surveillance
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Convoy and vehicular
  • Mission-critical operations
  • Satellite communications
  • Radio and Tetra communications
  • Mapping and common operational picture
  • Trustful and reliable crowdsourcing
  • Remote Inspection and quality management
    • Technical details

      The following is the overview of the demo solution jointly developed by AnsuR and Inmarsat.

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