• Date: Feb 2016
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Livewire Digital, an Inmarsat Certified Application Partner, has been at the leading edge of professional video transmission over satellite and other IP networks for over 20 years and works closely with Inmarsat HD and SD transmission using efficient H.264 encoding over IP networks. Livewire Digital is privately owned, profitable, and growing steadily. Livewire Digital provides a wide range of communications, media and data management solutions, with a focus on the design of bespoke systems. Livewire Digital has a wide skill base crossing disciplines including broadcast video, electronics, software development, mechanical engineering and satellite communications.

Livewire Digital has a prodigious history, including the following achievements:

  • Introduced commercial narrow-band live video via mobile satellite terminals
  • Pioneered store and forward techniques for compressed video services
  • Designed the first integral TTCN development and verification environment for 3G operators
  • Created the first non-SIM authentication solution for mobile IP communications

The applications

Organisations operating in remote environments rely on connectivity to be productive, whether it is for videoconferencing head office, or broadcasters reporting breaking news live from the heart of the action. Livewire offer a portfolio of professional broadcast software solutions for live and file-based video delivery over OSX, Windows and iOS platforms. These solutions, combined with Inmarsat’s global IP network, ensure organisations can deliver critical communications from wherever they are based.

As part of its Certified Application Programme (CAP), Inmarsat has certified two of Livewire’s solutions as ‘Inmarsat ready’ – ensuring that their products are not only compatible with our network, but provide our network users with effective, customer-focused solutions that offer genuine business benefits, whether they’re using the network for voice, broadband, machine to machine connectivity or all three.

M-Link Live X

Used globally by leading broadcasters and other media organisations. M-link Live X provides a simple but powerful live broadcasting application, taking HD or SD feeds from HD-SDI, SDI, HDMI and Firewire cameras to deliver broadcast-quality live video and audio at the studio via HD-SDI with interruptible feedback over the same channel.

M-Link Newscaster

M-Link Newscaster is a file-based contribution tool for store and forward delivery, taking any standards-compliant video files and using the most efficient and reliable H.264 compression to deliver professional standard HD & SD to the studio for ingest or HD-SDI play-out. Newscaster Mobile is available for iPhone providing smooth file contribution workflow for anyone working in a news organisation.

Both solutions include a satellite terminal to access Inmarsat’s global broadband streaming and Standard IP services with full connection control, providing a single interface for all workflow steps. This compelling proposition empowers organisations to operate in remote areas that are not covered by cellular and terrestrial and deliver critical communications wherever, and whenever, they need to.

The resulting benefit

The solutions have been in use throughout the media industry in many parts of the world, enabling journalists and other media professionals to capture video content live that would have otherwise been problematic. When asked about Livewire’s solutions, media professionals are extremely positive, claiming that the solutions offer:

  • Broadcasting of high-quality live video transmission and file transfer, globally
  • Simple integration with broadcast workflow
  • Built in BGAN controls allowing one click operation
  • Interoperability between multiple IP networks
  • 25 full frames over Inmarsat BGAN Quality of Service

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