• Date: Feb 2016
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RedPort Global

RedPort Global develops products and services that advance data speeds and enhance the overall user experience of satellite internet. RedPort provides the fastest, most reliable and easy-to-use email, web, and other hardware and software services.

The application

Companies with remote crew workers in the field rely on satellite connectivity to keep their operations running. Having Internet and email access is vital for day-to-day business functions and for maintaining crew morale. However, to maintain operational efficiencies, it is important to be able to manage and control Internet usage.

To meet this need, RedPort Global have developed Optimizer Crew, a powerful WiFi router that optimises a satellite broadband connection to increase Internet efficiency, control costs and allow multi-person access. A powerful and affordable satellite-optimised WiFi router, RedPort Optimizer Crew gives companies with workforces operating in remote locations everything they need to manage multi-person networking over satellite Internet efficiently. Optimizer Crew enhances efficiency in a number of ways:

  • Firewall and filtering
    Protects against unwanted traffic to control airtime usage.

  • Web compression
    Automatically reduces data consumption by 3-5 times to help accelerate data speeds. In addition, with RedPort Mail Server, you can access your email with up to 20 times acceleration.

  • Captive portal
    Crew usage can be controlled and managed via PIN-code access control.

RedPort also produce an optimization tool for voice communications in the field, Optimizer Voice, which streamlines Voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity to offer cost-efficient reliable communications for remote teams over IP.

As part of its Certified Application Programme (CAP), Inmarsat has certified RedPort Optimizer Crew as ‘Inmarsat ready’ – ensuring that their products are not only compatible with our network, but provide our network users with effective, customer-focused solutions that offer genuine business benefits, whether they’re using the network for voice, broadband, machine to machine connectivity or all three.

Conservation Fisheries, an organisation dedicated to preserving America’s fish stocks, took Optimizer Voice and IsatHub, our smart device connectivity service, to a remote stretch of water near Knoxville, Tennessee, to field test the solution.

The resulting benefit

The field testers stated that they found the increased efficiency with optimised data connection and bandwidth extremely valuable and could see how costs could be easily controlled with the built-in functionality. The found the VoIP service extremely stable, offering clear call quality for their personnel’s smart devices.

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