• Date: Feb 2016
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Vocality is a UK-based designer and manufacturer of products that provide the most efficient ways to communicate regardless of technology, infrastructure or geography. Understanding the importance of voice to unified communications, Vocality products are created to unify communications platforms, enhance voice quality, increase video performance and improve data throughput.

Since their founding in 1995, some of the world’s most critical communications rely on Vocality and their leading edge technology allows people, businesses and government agencies across the globe to securely connect with each other in the most unlikely of places.

The application

History has shown that at times of disaster, first responders have a need for Unified Tactical Communications to allow inter-operability between military and government agencies, allowing them to talk between the varying networks. The Basics Radio Relay solution was developed to connect Push-to-Talk (PTT) radios into a media server or SIP switch. This allows radio users to extend radio networks via IPs such as the internet. A key benefit is that the bandwidth is optimised and voice is compressed down to 5.3 kbps.

Designing the solution for the Inmarsat network has allowed users to extend their radio network over portable BGAN satellite terminals allowing a fast-to-deploy, low power solution. Satellite optimisation was developed to ensure:

  • Bandwidth efficient packet aggregation
  • RTP header compression
  • Intelligent de-jittering mitigating the effects introduced by IP
  • Significant improvement of voice quality over satellite

The resulting benefit

The Basics Radio Relay solution connects several different Push-to-Talk Radios into each other and optionally, a Media Server with SIP Switch. With a choice of platforms, 2 - 64 radios are supported with proven Asterisk, CISCO and Wave from Twisted Pair compatibility. A key benefit is also found in the Web GUI and SNMP for efficient management of the solution.


  • Tactical
  • Emergency relief field communications
  • Mining

Technical details

  • 1 to 4 port solution (and up to 12 ports in a rackmount version)
  • Four-wire interfaces
  • Transparent PCM down to 5.3Kbps voice compression
  • E&M circuits for PTT
  • Optional edge router functionality
  • Compatible with SRW and ANW2
  • Multicast RoIP
  • Quick configuration web GUI

Additional solution options

  • PACE Optimizations for VoIP and Video
  • PEP Optimizations for TCP
  • SNMP
  • VLAN
  • SSH
  • Full-featured Routing

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